The first in our series on digital marketing, we take a look at how Twitter can give your business a voice.


At a glance:

  • What benefits could Twitter bring to your business
  • Setting up your business profile
  • What your business should Tweet about

Why does my business need Twitter?

Twitter has become a huge part of how people communicate online – but it’s not just for following celebrity scandals. The social media giant can also be a powerful marketing tool for your business that’s free, easy to use and gets instant feedback.

With Twitter you can give your business a tailor-made public personality that attracts followers and grows your business. It also helps that customers are mad about it as well. Twitter gives them an easy way to send you their questions, comments and criticisms – all the good stuff you can use to make your business better.

How do I set up my business up on Twitter?

Setting up a Twitter account for your business is a doddle. You just need 5 things:

Username – The best choice for your Twitter handle is the name of your business. Remember this is how you’re going to be found by others online, so keep it simple!

Bio – Sum up your business in 160 characters with products/ services and keywords to maximise your search-ability. Don’t forget need-to-know info like opening times and phone numbers.

Header image – The biggest single item on your profile. Pick an image that says something important about your business, whether it’s how you work or what you offer. Here’s a handy guide for making sure your image quality is top notch .

Profile photo – Go with your logo, it never fails!

URL – Twitter is great, but if you’ve got a swanky website why not give potential customers an easy route there too?

What should my business Tweet about?

Try searching Twitter for keywords relevant to your business. What are other companies in your sector tweeting about? If you see content you like, retweet it or post a comment to get in the mix. Don’t forget to follow other accounts in your sector – you could get a few follows back.

Don’t rush straight to the sales pitch – no one wants to be sold to on Twitter. Ask questions to spark some interaction, and respond to customer queries and comments with friendly, human advice. Interesting quotes, images and funny/topical Tweets are catnip for favourites and retweets, and if you’ve got a company blog this is a great place to showcase it.

If you find yourself getting stuck, just imagine you’re a typical customer of your business – what would you be interested in reading?

Get the most out of hashtags

A hashtag (#) is just a code that labels your Tweet so it shows in Twitter searches. Events, TV shows and topical subjects are all up for grabs, so why not send a Tweet with a hashtag relevant to your business and see if you get any nibbles? Combine that with some well-placed @usernames and you’ll be well on your way to a firm following.

To sum up…

  • Use hashtags and other people’s @usernames to get new followers
  • See what others in your area are tweeting about to get a feel for what’s popular
  • Tweet questions, opinions and topical tidbits to get the conversation going
  • What would your customers want to talk about?

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