At a glance:

  • Why your business should be on Facebook and how to set it up
  • What you can do with your business Facebook profile
  • How to manage your business Facebook profile


Why should my business be on Facebook?

It’s the social network that changed the world. At the end of 2015 Facebook had over one and a half billion users worldwide. A lot of those people could also be interested in your business and the great products or services you offer. But right now they can’t find you because you don’t have a Facebook presence. Luckily that’s all about to change.

It may seem like Facebook is a global stage for global businesses, but that’s just not true. Local outfits have just as much success growing their business and building positive chatter on the platform. But first things first – let’s get you set up and ready to go.


How do I set up my business on Facebook?

The best way to create a page for your business is through your personal Facebook account. If you have one, great! If you don’t, take a moment to set one up. Once you’ve done that, use the Create Page function and choose a Business Category. This is where you can establish whether you’re a local business, a company or a brand. Next, you choose a category for your business (I’ll let you pick that one), as well your location and contact details. This is vital for potential customers to be able to locate you and get in touch.

Understanding facebook for beginners

The Trade Direct Facebook business page – getting social with Public Liability Insurance!


Now that’s all sorted, your page needs some personality. Set up your company logo and choice of cover photo – make sure they’re high enough quality that they don’t blur. To do this, Facebook image dimensions are available to get the best possible reproduction of your branding.

If you don’t have a logo, you could always get one made by a freelance designer for a small fee using a service like peopleperhour.

Change your cover photo regularly to keep it topical. Only use images for which you hold the copyright, or try some free-to-use images. Wikimedia is a good source of royalty-free images and there are also lists of other free image sites, like this one.

While you’re busy being a web design guru, don’t forget the fundamentals – clearly display your company postal address, telephone number and email address.


What can I do with my business Facebook profile?

If you have a database of customers, you can start by inviting them to ‘Like’ your Facebook page when you speak to them, send them emails or SMS messages to them. Add details of your Facebook page to your printed flyers and business cards. If you already have a website, get a link to your Facebook page in the footer or somewhere easily visible.

As you drive more traffic to your page, you can use Facebook to make announcements e.g. new staff, special offers, bank holiday hours etc. You can also include useful info for customers, or links to sites they should know about. Remember, keep it fresh and the traffic will keep on coming.

Don’t forget about networking though. Interaction with your ‘friends’ and with their Facebook posts will make them more likely to interact with your page, which all helps towards building working relationships.


How can I manage my business Facebook profile?

If Facebook is your only social media presence, then you can easily just manage your page from your Facebook account. This ensures that all of your shared activity looks the best that it can on Facebook.

If you have other social media channels like Twitter, you might want to manage all your social accounts from one place. Services like Hootesuite, Tweetdeck and Buffer will let you do this and it can be a real time-saver. However you can’t do everything through these platforms and sometimes it’ll be easier to go into Facebook directly. If you feel like getting started on Twitter check out our Understanding Twitter for your business post.

That’s all the basics covered. You should have everything you need to make a brilliant business Facebook page that your potential new customers will really respond to. Good luck!

To sum up…

  • Dress your page for success with the correct image dimensions
  • Find your customers and suppliers on Facebook and invite them to like your page
  • Include your Facebook page address on your marketing – tell everyone!
  • Get started with Facebook Ads and Facebook Offers
  • If you have more than one social account, save time by using a platform that can manage them all at once

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