Happy days are here for our Trade Direct Insurance customers with new TradePoint discount cards!


Hey, did you hear the news? Trade Direct Insurance is doing something awesome for its customers to show you just how important you are. If it sounds like bragging, that’s because it almost certainly is.

We were racking our brains earlier this year to figure what would make our tradespeople’s lives a little bit easier. So we teamed up with B&Q to offer something that could save our tradespeople time and money.

Introducing…the TradePoint discount card!


TradePoint Discount Card for Trade Direct Insurance Customers

Lovely, isn’t it? The TradePoint Discount Card gives Trade Direct customers exciting savings and discount prices with TradePoint Trade Building Supplies.

If you’re not familiar with TradePoint, they’re a trade material supplier that offers a huge range of products at fantastic prices. Whether you’re a builder, plumber, electrician, carpenter, painter or decorator, TradePoint have a great selection for you.


They have over 300 stores nationwide, most of which can be found in B&Q stores – so they’re always easy to find and you can start enjoying those discounts!


Discounts? What sort of discounts?

Working with B&Q, we negotiated special prices for our customers so they can run their businesses like the pros they are and save a few £’s in the process. Did we say a few £’s? We actually mean a bit more than that. Wherever there is a multi-buy discount on TradePoint products, you pay the lowest price… even when buying just one! This covers over 2,500 products. Not too shabby, right?

This is a Trade Direct customer privilege that can be used for personal and business use! Whether you’ve got Public Liability Insurance or another great product with Trade Direct, as long as you stay with us you’ll have access to these great deals on products you buy every day.


So when can I get my hands on my own TradePoint card?

Good question. The first batch of personalised discount cards will be winging their way to our customers at the beginning of July. You’ll get a letter from us in the post that has your card included. Stick the card in your wallet, the fob on your keys and start saving time and money! If your card doesn’t arrive, not to worry. Just give us a call with proof of your policy and we’ll make sure your card gets to you as quick as we can.

Remember, we want to know just how great the savings you make are. Be sure to get in touch on Twitter and tell us your saving success stories.

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