A campaign has been launched to enforce tougher penalties for tool theft and guidelines for the selling of second-hand tools too.


We recently released a report on the cost of being a tradesman, and how FOI data revealed that tool theft could have cost tradespeople a massive £94,521,600* in 2016 alone. Plus, the average insurance claim for tool theft added up to around £1,200 – more than a full week’s work for a tradesperson.

The sad fact is that tool theft is on the rise and shows no signs of slowing. Tool thieves are taking advantage of shorter days and using the darker conditions to get their hands on tradespeople’s tools.

Other than getting the right tools insurance and reviewing your van security, is there anything more to be done. According to tradesman Lee Watts. tool theft is punished severely enough and it’s too easy to sell on second-hand tools.

Lee has launched a campaign and is looking for other tradespeople to join his cause. The aim of the campaign is to bring in tougher penalties for tool thieves, as well as guidelines and laws when it comes to selling used tools.

Here’s what Lee had to say:

“Our Government must look strongly into the growing problem of tool theft from vans and must impose much tougher penalties on those convicted of these crimes.”

“Not only that but I will also be looking for our Government to put stricter guidelines and laws in place for selling second-hand tools.”

“It is an increasing problem countrywide for all tradesmen and women.”

“It takes years of hard work and a large expense to build up a toolkit and a van that enables you to earn an honest living.”

“More and more people are being affected by this crime and it needs to be stopped.”

“I want this petition to reach Parliment to demand new laws that impose a minimum 5-year sentence on those convicted of vandalising vans and stealing tools.”

“Also, whether it be forcing the criminals, immediate family, to pay the costs of van repair and tool replacement or the courts pay, we need a system that ensures any victim will be reimbursed for their loss in full immediately to enable that person to carry on working.”

Will Lee’s campaign be successful? Do you think more should be done to deter tool thieves?

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