We’ve teamed up with TOOLSTOP and RoadHawk to provide our customers with even more deals and discounts.

What is it about saving our customers money? We just can’t help but find new and exciting ways to do it. This includes teaming up with great suppliers and services to give you guys money-saving discounts.

The latest additions to our extensive list of customer benefits are TOOLSTOP and Roadhawk.

TOOLSTOP is one of the UK’s largest independent stockists and distributors of quality professional hand and power tools, access, storage equipment and related products. Trade Insurance members will get a discount on their entire range of products. This includes some of the finest products from the top manufacturers: Bosch, Dewalt, Makita, Hitachi, Metabo, Stanley, Bahco, Norbar, Estwing, Numatic to name a few. TOOLSTOP is an established web shop, aimed at professional tradespeople who need quality products delivered on time and at a competitive price. So you can see why we were more than happy to team up with them. Our customers can save 5% with each purchase using the code TDI5.

Roadhawk is blazing trails in the world of personal dash-cams.The RoadHawk DC-2 forward-facing dash-cam offers up to 1080p resolution (scalable to 720p or 480p for longer record times), low-light sensor, GPS receiver, G-force sensor, SDXC memory compatibility and image stabilisation. The camera works on a loop recording system, overwriting the oldest files as it records and if it detects an impact, the camera creates an ‘event’ file ready for sharing with your insurance company. Our customers benefit from a saving of £49.91 (incl. VAT) on the basic package and £55.88 (incl. VAT) on the enhanced package. Have a look below to see the kind of quality you can expect from your dash-cam footage.

Fancy getting some of these savings? Visit our customer offers area. 

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