In this series we look at promoting your business online in the trendy world of digital marketing.

Why promote my trade business online?

For many tradesmen, a lot of work is likely to be repeat business from satisfied customers, as well as word of mouth recommendations. This is usually great, but what if things slow down, or you move to a new area where you’re not known, or you simply want to get more business?

The days of people flicking through the Yellow Pages and Thomson Local are not gone, but customers increasingly use the internet to research and contact potential suppliers. This allows consumers to understand the reputation of tradespeople, even if the era of rogue tradesmen is a fading memory. “Online”, “digital”, or “the web” – call it what you like, it allows you to promote yourself to people who might not otherwise know about you, or may not choose you. You want to be confident that if someone Google’s your name, they find your business.

How can Trade Direct help me promote my business?

We’re not a marketing agency, so how can we help you? Well, as an independent broker, we’re used to marketing our business online. We have a team here who live and breathe online including Social Media and most things digital, and not everything we do is on big budgets. Sometimes, it’s the small things that work. Oh, and when we’re not at work, we’re users of online for our personal lives.

What to watch out for in our series of articles

We talk to tradesmen, trade businesses and suppliers to tradespeople pretty much every day of the year, and have been doing so for over 30 years. Sure, we’re not tradesmen, but along the way we’ve learnt a fair bit about what troubles them, and where they could use a little support.

Watch this space and look out for our series on digital marketing. We’re going to be running a series of plain-talking articles to cover the ways you can promote your business online.  The first series is an introduction to digital, and later on we take a longer look at each subject.

Featured articles

We’ll look at Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, TXTing and email. Once you’re comfortable with the basics with each of these, watch out for our next series when we will return to each subject with advanced tips and guidance.

Trust us – promoting your business online just takes practice. You’ll have the digital stabilisers off in no time!

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