The FMB reports that 50% of home owners are more likely to hire builders who employ apprentices. Find out what else the report revealed.

Ever wondered what the deciding factor is when people choose a tradesperson? There’s the amount you’ve quoted, availability, recommendations from happy customers. Are they swayed by your membership to a Trade Trust website? Sure, these all have a hand in helping a potential customer make a decision. But there’s one factor we haven’t mentioned that turns out to have a huge influence on who’s being hired: are you training an apprentices or not?

In case you don’t know, we’re currently smack bang in the middle of the 10th annual National Apprenticeship Week. Tradespeople around the country are celebrating their apprentices and the impact they have on the business. Well according to research just released by the Federation of Master Builders, apprentices have a bigger impact on business than you might have thought.

The FMB reports that 50% of home owners are more likely to hire builders who employ apprentices!

Surprised? Well Chief Executive of the FMB Brian Berry wasn’t surprised in the slightest. He said:

“This new research confirms what many of us already knew – apprentices are good for your business. The building industry is extremely competitive and these results suggest that training an apprentice will help a firm stand out from the crowd.”

But that’s not the only revelation that came out of the study. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Nearly 2/3 home owners would have a more favourable image of a building firm knowing they train apprentices.
  • Nearly 2/3 home owners think building firms should broadcast the fact they’re training apprentices to customers.
  • More than 2/5 would consider recommending a building firm to others because they train apprentices.

Here’s more from Mr Berry on what an apprentice brings to the table for home owners:

“Home owners aren’t just concerned about the craftsmanship of their builder, they want to know they are hiring a firm with strong values. It therefore makes sense that a business that invests in young people is seen in a better light.

“If the burgeoning skills crisis in the construction industry wasn’t enough to motivate those firms not already training to start doing so, hopefully this evidence will do the trick. It’s helpful to know that apprenticeship training can not only provide rewarding career opportunities for young people, but it can also help a firm’s bottom line.”

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