We’ve ranked all 15 Heroes and Celebrations chocolates from worst to best. Which chocolate comes out on top? Read the full list.

Christmas lunch in the UK has a number of deliciously classic dishes. Roast turkey, pigs in blankets and cranberry sauce are just a few of the family favourites.

But what Christmas holiday could be complete without the after-dinner chocolates? And what after-dinner chocolates collection would be complete with Heroes and Celebrations?

The giant tubs of joy from Cadbury and Mars have been piled high in supermarkets since the start of December. By New Year’s day the tubs will be filled with leftover sausage rolls and the hideous pair of socks your Auntie got you. But in between, which of the Heroes and Celebrations is getting the most requests after Christmas dinner?

We’ve accepted the challenge and ranked all 15 Heroes and Celebrations chocolates from worst to best.


  1. Cadbury Eclairs – Sorry, but someone had to be at the bottom of the list. Eclairs are just too labour intensive. From the time you pop one in your mouth there’s a good five minutes of chewing time before you hit the liquid chocolate centre. With so much food on offer on Christmas day, who’s got the time?
  2. Galaxy Caramel – Caramel seems like a good idea, but it’s just taking up space that could be occupied by more chocolate. If I could, I’d replace the Caramels with more Galaxy squares…or maybe some pigs in blankets.
  3. Dairy Milk Caramel – Another caramel calamity. These will be among the last few in the tub in a lot of houses this Christmas. Sorry Dairy Milk Caramel – better luck on Boxing Day.
  4. Fudge – A difficult choc to pin down. Some people love them, some people hate them. But guaranteed there’ll be someone in your house over Christmas that scoffs the lot. But will anyone else complain?
  5. Bounty – Another love it or hate it chocolate. It’s the kind of Celebration that you forget about until Christmas. But by the time you’ve eaten 3 or 4 you have to spend the rest of the night picking coconut out of your teeth.
  6. Milky Way – We’re back in space with the legendary Milky Way. Filled with creamy nougat, it won’t take too much convincing to drop the fruit cocktail for one of these little guys.
  7. Twix – A new addition to the Celebrations family but already a firm favourite. Can double as a chocolate biscuit come tea time.
  8. Galaxy – The Dairy Milk for the dignified. Simple, silky and scrumptious, you can never go wrong with a cube of Galaxy. Unless you only have one.
  9. Cadbury Wispa – Remember when Wispa’s weren’t around for a while? Then they came back! Crazy times. They’re a welcome addition to the Heroes tub, even though they’re basically half a chocolate thanks to all the air bubbles. Wait, does that mean they’re twice as good for you?
  10. Cadbury Twirl – The well-behaved brother of the Cadbury flake. All the taste and none of the mess thanks to its tidy chocolate coating. Also perfect in bite-sized form.
  11. Creme Egg Twisted – Despite being an Easter tradition, the Creme Egg has snuck its way into the Christmas choc parade. Eat four of them and its like eating one regular Creme Egg!
  12. Mars – They used to say a Mars a day helps you live, work and play. While that turned out to be far from the truth, you may find yourself putting a few mini Mars away this Christmas just to keep up.
  13. Dairy Milk – There are classics and then there are classics. The Dairy Milk is most definitely a classic. You’d be hard pressed to get a rejection when you’re offering one of these around. Just make sure you save a cube or two for yourself!
  14. Snickers – This one is high up the list in part for its generosity. Despite being bite-sized, the Celebrations Snickers still packs a peanutty punch. Not to mention a decent helping of nougat.
  15. Maltesers Teaser – Could there be any doubt? The perfect compliment to a filling Christmas feast. Chocolate and malt go hand in hand with bite-sized chocolate. Which explains why all Malteasers are bite-sized. Hang on, couldn’t I just get a bag of Malteasers for a fraction of the price? You could, but then you wouldn’t get the thrill of finding one at the bottom of a tub of empty Fudge wrappers!


What did you think of our Heroes and Celebrations ranking? Did your favourite top the list?

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