Builders Bum may not be as bad as you think when you see how healthy UK tradespeople really are. But what’s the secret to their newfound lifestyle?

Recently we proved that UK tradespeople have big dreams and live life to the full. The problem is we’re pretty nosy at Trade Direct so we wanted to go a step further – what are our customers doing to prolong their lives? To find out we’re taking a long hard look at their diets and exercise regiments. Do our builders eat more crispy bacon or crispy lettuce? Are our plumbers and electricians choosing sit-ups or fry-ups? It turns out they’re a lot healthier than you might think.


UK tradespeople are all about the homemade food

healthy homemade lunch for UK tradespeopleIt’s easy to assume builders all head to their local greasy spoon or fish and chip shop to recharge their batteries. However, it looks like that stereotype is quickly becoming a thing of the past. When we asked our tradespeople what they typically eat for lunch, less than 6% chose Café bought food and only 1% got a regular chippy. In fact, nearly as many tradespeople eat fruit for lunch as head to the café.

The lunchtime winner by a landslide is the humble homemade sandwich. Over half of our tradespeople prepare a sandwich/wrap – or have one lovingly prepared for them – at home, which is great for saving pounds as well as losing them! Just over 20% go for a shop-bought sarnie, which isn’t as cost-effective but can be a much healthier option.

Clearly our tradespeople are making a conscious effort to steer clear of the fried and fatty stuff. Pasties and sausage rolls are falling behind with 2% of votes, while twice as many voted for salads. The last in the race is pizza, which got a measly 0.3%.


Let’s get physical

Food is one thing, but what about exercise? Three quarters of tradespeople think exercise is important and dedicate time every week to work up a sweat. Only 24% of our tradespeople don’t exercise at all, possibly relying on smoothies to slim the old waistline. Most aim for up to 2 hours a week, while 21% manage to squeeze in up to four hours.

For some of our tradespeople, exercise is more than just something you grumpily get out of bed early on a Sunday to do. In fact, 14% do at least 6 hours of exercise every week! That level of workout is definitely worthy of a Rocky-style training montage. While not everyone can commit that much time, nearly 10% of our tradespeople still take on the challenge with 4-6 hours a week.


To sum up…

From the looks of it, UK tradespeople aren’t the greasy spoon connoisseurs you might expect them to be. Healthy food and healthy living are certainly on the brain, with fast food and flopping on the couch losing out to homemade lunches and regular workouts.

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