In a survey run by trade association SELECT, electricians settle the age-old debate of quality vs cost.

Read on to find out the results.


It’s the dilemma that’s bothered mankind for generations. Do I buy a cheaper product and save some cash, or do I spend a little more and get a quality product? Tradespeople are no strangers to this problem, facing it with equipment and suppliers on a daily basis. Even with money-savers like TradePoint discount cards, there’s always a question of cost. But what is the answer? Who will end the age-old debate? Not to worry, just leave it to the electricians.


A recent survey was sent out by SELECT, the trade association for the electrical contracting industry in Scotland. The big question: What do qualified electricians value most between high quality and low cost? SELECT’s MD Newell McGuiness revealed the final results at the Regional Business Forum of the Electrical Distributors’ Association. Turns out when it comes to the job, electricians are overwhelmingly for spending more to get higher quality results.

65% looked of electricians looked for quality in their purchases

That’s right. Of all the qualified electricians surveyed, a whopping 65% looked for quality in their purchases. That means nearly two thirds of those electricians make it a priority to get a job done right instead of taking a chance on a cheaper product. In comparison, only 19% made price their priority. So what’s the reasoning behind this? SELECT’s Head of Membership and Communication Alan Wilson had some theories. “The survey made it clear that quality products are sought by properly qualified electricians and poor installations and poor products can impact on the reputation of manufacturers and distributors”.


But that’s not all we learned from SELECT’s survey. When the surveyed electricians were asked what they looked for in a distributor, top qualities included quality of service (50%) and availability (41%). That means you guys are looking to deliver quality services quickly to your customers. Good on you!


McGuiness couldn’t have been more proud when commenting on the results. “It is quite revelatory that hard-pressed businesses, who are under pressure to cut costs wherever they can, are still insisting on quality as the primary consideration in major purchases – in the interests of their own customers”. Couldn’t have put it better ourselves!


Do you think these results match up with your views on quality and cost? Let us know.


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