Finding van insurance for your van is a must. When you’ve got too many options to choose from, try asking yourself these 6 simple questions.

When it comes to your van, you can’t be driving around without van insurance. So it’s time to sit down with a cup of tea, a packet of rich tea’s and a laptop, and start searching for van cover. That’s when you realise there are hundreds of companies and sites all telling you their cover is the best. How do you decide? It’s easy. All you need to do is ask yourself these questions to find the Van insurance that’s right for you. First thing’s first…


What level of van insurance cover do I need?

If you’ve ever bought car insurance before, this one’s a doddle. Just like with car insurance, van insurance has several levels of cover to choose from. The trick is deciding which level suits your needs.

Third Party is the lowest level accepted by law. It has the least amount of cover, so it’s almost always the cheapest, which can be handy if you’re in a tight spot. With third party, if you have an accident your insurer will pay out for injuries to the victim involved. Any costs for repairing your vehicle will be out of your own pocket.

Third Party, Fire and Theft is the next highest cover. As well as the cover of Third Party, you’ll also be covered if your van is damaged in a fire or stolen.

Finally we have Fully Comprehensive, the Mac Daddy of van insurance. With Fully Comprehensive you’ll have highest standard level of cover, but you will have to pay more. For that extra cost you’ll get cover that’s designed to cover damage to you, your van and property, even when you are liable.

If you’re not sure what level of cover to get, it’s worth considering what your van will be used for and where it’s most at risk.


What’s my van’s job?

Your van is most likely a workhorse, whether you use it for work or for personal use. However, that distinction can play a big part in choosing your van insurance. Some insurers may only cover one or the other, so be sure to check before you start getting quotes. Other insurers, like Trade Direct, will quote for professional and personal use. A professional van driver like a plumber, painter or decorator may get a different price quoted than a casual van driver, but it’s important to get the right cover for your purposes. If you use your van for work, make sure you say so – otherwise you may find you’re out of luck when a claim comes around!


What will I be keeping in my van?

Choosing the right van insuranceIf you do use your van professionally, odds are you’ll keep some equipment in there from time to time. This equipment can be expensive and difficult to replace if its stolen from your van. Whether its plumber’s tools, builder’s materials or electrician’s kit, you may sleep a little better knowing that your van insurance covers its theft or damage. You can check out potential insurers to see if they cover theft of items from your van and, if they do, the limits for compensation. If the equipment you keep in your van is worth far more than the cover available, you may want to consider more specialist cover – unless the equipment can be kept elsewhere.


Where does my van live?

Where do you keep your van when its resting? In a locked garage? On the kerb outside your house? Are you anywhere near it overnight? These conditions can all play a part in the cost of your insurance. The more secure it is, the less of a risk it will be. If you’re a builder, plumber or electrician you may leave your van on site overnight. Be sure to mention any special circumstances for where your van is kept.


What am I gonna do if my van’s out of action?

If you rely on your van for work or transport, it can be a real kick in the teeth when it breaks down. What backup plan do you have if your van is out of commission? Some insurers may be able to cover you for this with a courtesy or replacement vehicle. If you can’t spend a day or even a week without your van, it could be worth singling these insurers out.


Do I need optional extras?

Who doesn’t like a good optional extra? With van insurance there can be a lot to choose from. Some can come in really handy, others not so much – it all depends on your circumstances. For example, if you’re worried about the costs of legal disputes after an accident then Legal Expenses can be a good add-on. If you’re a plumber and you keep tools in your van, why not add tools cover? Different insurers will have different optional extras, so decide which extras would make your van insurance more robust.


Whether you use your van at home or at work, Trade Direct can offer Van insurance designed to suit most needs. Free Legal Expenses and a Free courtesy vehicle as standard, not to mention £100 cashback if you’re an existing Trade Direct Insurance Public Liability customer. Terms and conditions apply. Find out more about Trade Direct Van cover.

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