A 26 year old construction worker won big with a £300k scratchcard jackpot. But what are his plans for the cash?


There’s a lot of bad news floating around these days. So it’s a real treat when we get to share some good news! Today is one of those days.

A UK builder has managed to win himself £300,000 on a scratchcard, according to Scottish Construction Now.

David Abercrombie is a 26 year old construction worker from Irvine, Ayrshire. He hit the jackpot on a Lucky Lines scratchcard from National Lottery GameStore. Surprisingly enough, his workmates were a little skeptical.

David had this to say: “I scratched the card when I got to the site and was completely stunned.

“I said to my workmate, ‘I’ve won the top prize’. He didn’t believe me at first and took it off me to see for himself.

“Everyone was cheering when they realised I’d won the jackpot.

“We went straight back to the shop and they checked again for me. They advised me to call the National Lottery line because it was such a big win. The worst thing was it was only 7.30am and I had to wait until 9am for the claim line to open.

“The minute the clock hit nine, I was straight on the phone. I can’t tell you how I felt waiting for that hour and a half.”

So what happened next? Did David take off his hi-vis and make for the nearest international airport? Don’t be ridiculous – he popped the scratchcard in his pocket and went to work!

“I kept my hand in that pocket all day, just in case. Not much work got done, I can assure you.” 

The most important question is what David has planned for his substantial winnings. Apparently he had some big plans for the cash but has taken a wiser route after speaking to his girlfriend.

“We will be buying a bigger house so my two little girls will get bedrooms of their own. They’ve already started picking out the decor.

“A new car is on the list too, something like a Mercedes, not too flashy.

“I have always said things like this don’t happen to people like me but I was obviously in the right place at the right time.

“I think I will keep buying my weekly scratchcard and see if lottery luck strikes twice.”

Now you may be thinking that there’s no chance you’ll be as lucky as David. But if you’re a construction worker, your jackpot odds might be better than you think.

Research has shown that builders are the luckiest UK profession when it comes to winning with the National Lottery. It’s still down to luck of the draw, but who knows?

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