Be a Bank Holiday boss with our guide to mastering the art of the 3-day summer weekend.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll have found it pretty hard to concentrate today. Why? Because it’s a bank holiday weekend that’s why! Time to make some plans with friends and family and enjoy some of that ridiculous heat. However, bank holiday weekends aren’t always all fun and games. There can be stress, there can be queues, there can be tantrums, there can be misplaced sunscreen and crispy shoulders.

A survival guide for avoiding a poorly timed Bank Holiday meltdown


Don’t drive!

You might have heard the phrase ‘Carmageddon’ being thrown around this week. The traffic this bank holiday weekend is expected to be the worst in years. Sure, they always say that, but why risk it? Even if the traffic’s not as bad as all that, you’re still going to be in a hot metal box for who-knows-how-many hours. Kids screaming in the back, wine gums melting on the dash board, with Birdworld so close but still so far. At the end of the day, it just ain’t worth the hassle. Getting out and about walking or on bikes is the best way to get the most out of the weather, and it won’t cost you a fortune in petrol. Plus there’s nothing quite like cycling over a bridge and seeing static cars as far as the eye can see!


Pick up a picnic

As soon as someone reminded you it was a bank holiday weekend, odds are your brain immediately thought up 3 magic letters. B. B. Q. Without a doubt, a barbecue is a staple of British summer and still one of the most enjoyable ways to accidentally contract food poisoning. But before you buy some exotic flavoured sausages and fire up the grill, consider the humble picnic. If you’ve got a basket or a backpack, all you need are some cold bits and pieces from the supermarket. Sandwiches, pastries, chicken wings, sweet treats – all delicious and no prep time. Plus you don’t have to ask if they’re cooked through and hurt someone’s feelings.


Ice creams are magic

Never underestimate the power of ice creams. And we don’t mean just with kids. Whatever is threatening to stress you out over the bank holiday, a well timed ice cream can solve nearly any problem. Whether you get packs of choc-ices in or seek out your closest ice cream van, the only hard decision you need to make is what flavour of Magnum you want. If you find you’re never near a decent ice cream van, you can always try buying one – if you have a few thousand quid lying around there’s a decent selection on eBay!


Freeze everything!

If you do buy ice creams, make sure that you still have some freezer space left over. What for? There’s a never-ending list of fruit that’s made all the more refreshing after a quick spin in the freezer. Orange, lemon and lime wedges can be frozen and the added to drinks for an icy flavour boost. Grapes, bananas and mangos can be eaten after freezing as an icy treat. Drinks are also a good choice for freezing, as well as cocktails for the grown-ups.


Be a DIY Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris doesn’t overpay on DIY supplies – he supplies them with payback! He’s also probably very shrewd when it comes to buying materials for bank holiday DIY work (we’re just guessing). If you’re planning to build some bits and pieces over the weekend, make sure you’re getting the best deals on supplies to avoid breaking the Bank holiday bank. If you have a policy with Trade Direct, you’ll receive a TradePoint Discount card that gives you multi-buy discounts on 000’s of TradePoint items, even if you only buy one! Builders, plumbers and tradespeople of every type can reap the rewards. Find out more on our offers page.


So there you have it. Make sure you have a fantastic Bank Holiday weekend.

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