What were UK tradespeople’s dream jobs growing up? Where do they like going on holiday? More importantly, what on earth would they choose as their superpower?

We wanted to get to know our customers a little better, the kind of lives they’ve led, and their aspirations for the future from childhood to the grave. Unfortunately none of them responded to our romantic dinner request, so we sent around a survey instead.

You can find all the results are in our nifty “life in the trade” infographic. Here are just a few of the answers we got back:

12% of our tradespeople would go out in a gunfight

  • 8% dreamed of being astronauts as kids (Watch out Tim Peake)
  • 6% work a gruelling 7 day week!
  • 11% want to go out in a lightsabre battle (the force is strong with these ones)

Check out the complete infographic to see how tradespeople in the UK are living life to the max. Read the whole story.

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