Get ready to be transported back to the 90s with our all time favourite 90s adverts. But how would they be done today?


Ah 90s adverts. They seems so reasonable and average when they first came out.

But like a fine wine they’ve matured with age and have become something we can look back on and say “what sort of dangerous lunatic came up with this?”.

There’s a whole fleet of amazing 90s adverts available online for us to peruse at our leisure.

We thought we’d bring together some of our absolute favourites and decide how we’d remake them in the modern day. Reboots are all the rage these days so why not get in on the game?

Check out our top 90s adverts below.


Reebok – Belly’s gonna get ya!

Why we love it: Playing out like a deleted scene from Trainspotting, if this ad didn’t make you put down the kebab and start running nothing would. Mainly because the belly is freakishly realistic. You know, except for the part where it rides a motorbike.

How we’d remake it today: Take a page out of The Walking Dead’s book. Fill the streets with a horde of bellies chasing down a few survivors in an apocalyptic society. Obviously we’d keep the original music. Oscars, here we come!


Dime Bar – Armadillos!

Why we love it: A young Harry Enfield at the peak of his career, selling chocolate with a Swedish accent? Sold! Even if you weren’t totally convinced that Dime Bars were delicious, you definitely had a greater respect for the plight of the armadillo.

How we’d remake it today: We’ve had an influx of serious Scandinavian drama in recent years. Our new Dime Bar ad would play out like an episode of The Killing. Dark, suspenseful and critically acclaimed…but you know, still with Harry Enfield.


Budweiser – Wassup!

Why we love it: It was a toss up between this Budweiser ad and the one with the talking frogs. More of an American thing but it still had its fair share of success in the UK. If you’d ever wondered how to say hello to someone and still be incredibly annoying, this ad showed you the way.

How we’d remake it today: We’d use the same actors as the original ad, just to show how much time has passed since this catchphrase was cool. The tagline: time heals all wounds.


Jaffa cakes – Full moon, half moon, total eclipse

Why we love it: The advert that taught us that we didn’t have to eat Jaffa Cakes in one go like savages. We could take our time, savour the flavour, and even learn a thing or too about astronomy. We love how the Jaffa Cake is glowing at the end for no reason too. Is it radioactive? If so she really shouldn’t have eaten so many.

How we’d remake it today: Instead of a teacher and a class, the ad should show every person who did this joke at work or at home after the original ad came out. You know who you are.


Kellogg’s Fruit and Fibre – Breakfast come

Why we love it: We love it for the same reason that we hate it – that song is catchy as hell! Throw in a bunch of bizarre dance moves and confused staff and we’re sold. Even if you didn’t like the cereal, you were always tempted to buy it just because of this advert. Because don’t we all want some fun when breakfast come?

How we’d remake it today: For one thing we’d definitely keep the talking cat to keep the advert classy. Maybe update the supermarket. Nothing beats singing and dancing to serenade a self-service checkout machine!


Maynards Wine Gums – Hoots Mon

Why we love it: One reason and one reason only: the chewing moose head. Followed closely by the sea monster that just randomly appears in the bath. Weird fact: the slogan “Set the Juice Loose” would be used two years later in America during the trial of OJ Simpson. We’re pretty sure that wasn’t because of this advert though.

How we’d remake it today: There are a bunch of amazing Scottish actors today who could rock this reboot. Peter Capaldi’s free since announcing he’s leaving Doctor Who. Or should that be Doctor Whoots Mon!?


British Airways – Where is everybody?

Why we love it: Tackling the serious issues of loneliness, abandonment and discount holidays, all in the space of 30 seconds. Also, there is no reason why he needs to be a giraffe! But that’s part of what makes it amazing.

How we’d remake it today: Animation has come a long way since the 90s. We’d like to see this turned into a full Pixar movie, but instead of credits at the end there’s deals on flights to Dusseldorf for £80 return.


Birdseye Potato Waffles – Waffely versatile!

Why we love it: If anyone doubted the versatility of a square potato with holes in it, they were proved wrong with this ad. Not only is the song an absolute gem, but the people eating the waffles are hilarious. Check out the guy at 0:06 – terrifying!

How we’d remake it today: The whole advert should be someone coming back drunk from the pub dunking half-cooked potato waffles into a jar of mayonnaise. Come on, we’ve all done it right? Guys?


Did your favourite 90s adverts make the list? Let us know what we missed out.

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